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Tonight and this Morning

Tonight, I could not sleep......
I woke at about 4:30 with this weird dream about the color Indigo. It reminded me of something of a piece of who I used to be and as I laid on the couch, I deleted my Facebook.

Yeah, I just don't CARE about caring about everything that I say and do and pictures and the whole politics of the situation.

I remembered this time when I use to lay everything out without fear, without consideration... I know that I will never get back to that freedom, as naivety fades with the knocks of life and age. I remembered this account. As I clicked through the shadows of this ghost land, I felt the urge to write once again.

I'm old enough now to know nothing. Daily, I remind myself that the only thing that I actually can know  is nothing. Everyday I learn something that makes me wiser, and I have so much time to go to figure out the wisdom of the world, and that in all reality I will probably only know a small percentage of that wisdom in a short lifetime. One hundred years, they say, and it all seems to go by so fast.

These rantings are raving I feel. But, if feels nice to hang back around and strip back the covers of things and to just write for myself. 

So, I'm going to wrap myself in that Indigo and come back to this safe, warm, place on the Internet.

But, now you wonder LiveJournal, who is this woman that is coming back? It has been so long, so long.

I am no longer that free spirited girl that laid her guts out with the rose colored glasses of teenage youth.
I am a woman, a newlywed (June 4th 2011).
I never left school, though I spent so much time in the past complaining about it.
I have my Master's degree in Literature and plan to pursue my PhD.
I am a scholar in 19th Century Literature who just happens to also dip her toes into Rhetorical approaches to literature.
I am a teacher, instructor, professor of English at a small college.
I am a helper, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a cook, a teacher, a lover and hater of technology, a person that wishes to simplify her life, yet always makes new parameters to complicate things.
I am here for now.....



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